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Practice Health Champions

We are delighted to welcome our Practice Health Champions to St. George's Medical Centre.

For information about Practice Health Champion EVENTS and when they're at St. George's please click here .

About our Practice Health Champions

Practice Health Champions are people who voluntarily give their time to work with the staff in their local GP Practice or surgery to find new ways to improve the services that the practice offers, and to help to meet the health needs of patients and the wider community.

In addition to individuals using their life experience, understanding and position to influence their friends, families and work colleagues to lead healthier lives – Practice Champions also use their passion and understanding of the local community to enrich decision making in GP practices through the development of a greater understanding of local need; Champions develop new groups to support the health and wellbeing of the local community and also develop new skills and experiences which support their own personal development and growth.

Practice Health Champions are supported to work with surgery staff as peers, to improve services and develop opportunities. The work of the Practice Champion varies, depending on their interests, experience, the needs of the practice and local community health priorities.

Our Practice Health Champions help in a variety of ways, including helping patients when they arrive at the practice, showing them how to use the blood pressure monitor, organising events for patients (e.g. walks & chair yoga), signposting to local services/clubs, and helping with administrative duties. They have even visited lonely patients, escorted patients to hospital appointments, and covered reception in emergencies!

Practice Health Champions are recruited and trained from the local community.  Champions reflect the needs and aspirations of the community that the GP Practices serve.